Chloe Osborne

Chloe is a first year TECHNE sponsored PhD student at Royal Holloway University of London. Her research looks at Victorian and early twentieth century writing on the Pacific and analyses the intersections between anthropology and literature, transculturation and the ethnographic potential of the author.

Mollie Claire Clarke

Mollie is a third-year TECHNE PhD student at the University of Roehampton. Her research analyses representations of female to male cross-dressing in mid-Victorian popular literature and culture, and is concerned primarily with the ways in which generic fluidity across multiple forms allows for the exploration of gender and sexuality.

Mariam Zarif

Mariam is a fourth-year PHD student at King’s College London. Her research focuses on the representations of the New Woman in women’s penny weeklies in the late nineteenth century; her main interest lies with troubled gender position of male editors and the interplay of pseudonyms.

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